Sunday, January 8, 2017

Online Education Links

Online Education Links:

Free ebooks: Great content from Microsoft Press that won’t cost you a penny

The best free cultural & educational media on the web

Introduction to Algorithms

HCC Courses  
·         CEN 2939 Network Administrator Capstone  
·         CET 1112C Basic Digital Systems (Boolean, Logic) CET 1123C Introduction to Microprocessors (chips, assembly language)   
·         CET 1172C Computer Upgrading and Repair   
·         CET 1174C Advanced Computer Repair   
·         CET 1556C Structured Cabling   
·         CET 1600 Cisco Network Fundamentals   
·         CET 1610 CIsco Router Technology   
·         CET 2113C Digital Systems Analysis   
·         CET 2152 Advanced Microprocessors   
·         CET 2335C Microcomputer Systems   
·         CET 2615 Cisco Advanced Router Technology   
·         CET 2620 Cisco WAN Technologies   
·         CET 2939 Computer Engineering Capstone CNT 2510 Wireless Networking  

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